Cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity and precision; no matter whether it is a house, human or animal. As humans, tidiness is necessary; animals also need cleanness for their terrific health. Common pets seen in society are dogs, cats, rabbits, birds etc. It makes no difference what pet you have, but proper bathe of them is crucial.

What all should be considered while washing pets….

  • Bathing Period:

First of all, keep in mind that all pets don’t have to be washed every day. Depending upon their skin texture and climate, it varies. In some cases like dogs, be sure to avoid over-bathing, since over-bathing makes them uncomfortable. Because in dogs a certain amount of oil is needed to maintain a healthy coat and skin.

  • Use proper products and tools:

Always use a soft and smooth brush, towel etc while cleaning. Choose pet shampoo instead of hard soaps. Be careful with sharp pointed edges or other equipment near the washing area.

  • Accuracy in body temperature:

It is better to use lukewarm water, considering their skin type and is good to clean dirt easily

  • Protect eyes and ears:

 As humans, eyes and ears are to be protected without entering water and soap into them.  You can use cotton in their ears and can pour a drop of oil into the eyes of pets.

  • Praise the pets:

Talking and praising the pet while bathing, makes them more pleasant and charming.

 Let’s go through washing procedures….

  • Brush the pet out before you start the bath. Be sure to remove all tangles or mats as these are harder to deal with once it is wet
  • Talk to them and give a smooth touch
  • Wet your pet with lukewarm water
  • Mix shampoo in water and massage well with it
  • Use a conditioner
  • Rinse it thoroughly and make sure there is no fur
  • Dry it using a soft towel

Why washing pets is significant….

  • To keep them clean, free of dirt and parasites
  • To make your pooch more energetic
  • To get rid of many diseases to your pet and family
  • It makes them cheerful

Pets are awesome and great companions. Let’s equalize them to humans. Let me conclude with the lines of great Indian cinematographer ’ Amit Roy’,

“ Cleanliness is a mindset-a positive habit that keeps the body, mind and environment happy, healthy, simple, neat and delightful.”

which indeed follows in the case of pets too.