It is said that pets make sure you are never alone. Kokkachi is all about giving you a good pet buddy with great care and consideration. We are one of the leading providers of pet accessories and foods which bring your pets unmatched satisfaction.

Our vision is to make pet-patenting an easy task. Indeed, pets take time to fit into an environment, but with the accurate food supplies, cosy atmosphere, and understanding helping hands, pets can be your best kids. From the basic needs to chew toys, leashes, pet beds & pillows, Kokkachi brings happiness to you and your pet buddy.

It doesn’t really matter what your pets are- cats, dogs, lambs, rabbits, hamsters, birds; we have everything ready for these cute little ones, and we can deliver it to your doorstep once you place the order. With your sweet little effort, your pet will love you more every day. 


Pet Adoption


Let’s talk about the process of adoption real quick.

We welcome everyone who comes in with a genuine love for pets. Once you are sure that you can take care of a pet in your environment, you can move forward with adoption formalities. There can be free or paid adoption in accordance with the listing. Some patrons list their pets on Kokkachi for free and sometimes it carries a specific adoption charge. We want to see you and your pets being happy and compatible. Get in!

We would love to show you our pet listings!